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Paris at the end of the 2000's decade. A young aristocrat, from a noble and old Normandy family, goes ahead of the capital. He knew more or less what fate had in store for him. But that was until that drunken night during which he entered the family of Vampires, the legendary creatures of the Night.


Following the hero, Dimitri uses the music to depict a dark and mysterious world, punctuated by moments of epicness, love and intrigue. The orchestra leads the way and is joined by sound design to give voice to the evil of the story.

Ludwig d'Harancourt WIX.png


The story begins some time at the heart of the 22nd century, halfway through the inevitable end of the world and the promise of redemption for whole humankind. It is aboard the most formidable ships ever built by man that the teams of ISA launch themselves into an uncertain hope.

With a broad landscape such as a hard science fiction odyssey, the music has to convey the sense of vastness and uncertainity. But without forgetting that men are the real core of this space-opera story, which will make you explore both new horizons and human fragility.



Second World War has been extensively illustrated in film history. However, history books never talk about the small history of men taken against their will to fight under the enemy flag: the "malgré-nous" (French for "against our will"). At the heart of the “Malgré-nous”, there is always a “Malgré-lui”. Among them, R.S. was nineteen. Like the majority of his Alsatian comrades, he was sent to the Eastern front under the Nazi flag.

While the horror is striking R.S., the music supports our main character, expressing his hopes of going home and the will to fight for his survival.


All the music and story material is subjected to Dimitri Daudu and 2BrothersProduction copyright notice.

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