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"Music is essentially an emotional language, where notes speak to the heart of the viewer"

"An appropriate theme will carry the story"

Dimitri Daudu is a French composer for films, TV and videogames.

Since his youngest age, Dimitri has been passionate with music, cinema and the art of storytelling. After a PhD in Plant and Molecular Biology, the need for telling stories through music led him to start a new journey as film composer.

Admiring the works of great composers such as Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, Lorne Balfe and many more, Dimitri feels deeply attracted by the Hollywood sound. Amongst his works, he already brought his unique voice to projects such as the annual national show of Joan of Arc, was awarded for the ScoreTheWorld competition, and scored the ‘People’s choice’ award-winning short-film ‘Harmless’. Dimitri also co-founded 2BrothersProduction with Louis Nizinski, a production company proposing a range of story and music all-inclusive packages.

After a stay in Los Angeles, he is now aiming at bringing his original sound to all media and supporting other storytellers in crafting tomorrow's great scores.

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