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Dimitri Daudu is a French composer for films, TV and videogames.

Since his youngest age, Dimitri has been passionate with music, cinema and the art of storytelling. Growing up he decided to study biology at university, which led him to brillantly pass a PhD in Plant and Molecular Biology. However, he always felt compelled to tell stories through music and took the firm decision to fulfill his profound desire by becoming a film composer.

Trained in drums and music theory after 8 years at the music school of Blois, he developed and enriched his musical vocabulary with many musical genres. Seduced by rock oriented music, he played in various local rock bands and started his own metal band Osprey. Parallel to his doctorate years, he devoted his time to learn how to record and mix music by himself, and produced two demo records. But the need for telling stories through music grew stronger than ever.


Taking advantage of his experience, Dimitri started to write music for websites, and scored advertisments. Eager to expand and improve his craft, he followed both online courses (Thinkspace) and trainings about writing for the orchestra in media music in Paris. In 2018, Dimitri got the opportunity to score the popular annual national show of Joan of Arc.

The following year, he started a new adventure and co-founded 2BrothersProduction with Louis Nizinski, a production company proposing a range of story and music all-inclusive packages.

Admiring the works of great composers such as Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, John Powell and many more, Dimitri feels deeply attracted by the Hollywood sound. After a stay in Los Angeles, he is now starting a career to bring his original sound to all media and supporting other composers in crafting tomorrow's great scores.

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